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Nexon took its South Korean strike, Overhit, and launched the game in Japan with customizations unique to this market. That led to a positive answer, Mahoney said. And Nexon's cellular action role-playing game, Darkness Rises, has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide in its first few weeks. MapleStory M, a mobile game, also launched lately in 140 countries.Looking ahead, Nexon will be launch game titles such as the MapleStory2 from the West, Overhit on a global basis, and also the recently announced Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed in Japan.


Costs were also lower than expected.It expects net income to be $184.7 million to $216 million. Nexon was founded in 1994, and it's more than 80 live games in 190 nations.MapleStory M mobile game goes live in 140 countriesHowever, it has stayed strong over the years (peaking at 92 million gamers in 2009), and it has generated an impressive amount of money every year. In 2016, Nexon chose the game to mobile devices with the launching of MapleStory M.Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM


And now, MapleStory M will go live in 140 countries at 7 pm Pacific time.The game is available on both iOS along with the Google Play Store. Tokyo-based Nexon said players who log in and play MapleStory M during the next 14 days will receive special in-game items daily before August 21. Those who preregistered will also have the ability to claim their preregistration rewards until August 21.


From July 24 through  buy Maple story M Mesos July 31, 2018, MapleStory M streamers will have the chance to acquire extra rewards.MapleStory M brings the PC game's entire world into mobile, offering a wide variation of personalization, lots of stories and big boss raids. Back in October 2017, Nexon explained that users had established over 273 million characters to date in the MapleStory world class. Now the amount is 280 million.



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